Precision Machined Components for Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Crowther engineering provides precision machined components for offshore oil and gas industry.  We machine components and sub assemblies for  a wide range of equipment used in subsea and offshore applications, including:-
Machining Large Components

In particular we work on large components (up to 2.5 tonne) and parts that require complex machining; multiple bores and tapping, multi faces and large bores, etc. These are components where quality, precision and timeliness of supply are absolutely critical.

We have over 30 years experience of precision machining components for the offshore oil & gas industry. Examples of some of the equipment and projects we have worked on are provided below:

Machining Flanges for pipeline inspection pig

Precision Machined Flanges for Pipeline Inspection Pig (Propipe Ltd)


Machined Castings for Valves (John Mills & Sons)



multi bore machining

Machined Housing for oil & bass applications

close mat handling

Machining various components and fabrications for materials handling systems (W D Close & Sons)


WD Close compnent

Machining components and sub assemblies for pipe laying equipment

SMD plough

Machining various components for subsea trenching and ploughing equipment

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